About male Erectile Dysfunction

An impotence is a type of the sexual disorder of men when a sexual intercourse is impossible because of the poor erection. This abnormality may be accompanied with a decreased libido, constrained or premature ejaculation but it often goes as a solo disease.

What is impotence? ED in men

The impotence is regarded as the final stage of the disease when a man is not able to have erection under no circumstances to have sex. In other cases, this disease is called as an erectile dysfunction in the medical practice. The main difference of the erectile dysfunction from the impotence is that erection may be kept during the erectile dysfunction, and it is weak or irregular.

ed dysfunction

A disorder of the erection does not influence on the ability of men to ejaculate and the main physiological function – a conception. The impotence does not influence on the quality of the seminal fluid, and this disease may indirectly bother the reproductive function due to the inability to have sex. It has been considered for a long period that impotence is a disease of ageing men.

The impotence was diagnosed mostly in men over 40 up to 1990. And therefore, all clinical studies were conducted at this age group. But the studies of the recent years show that this disease gets younger every year, and this diagnosis does not have any age restrictions at the moment.

The matter is that a number of factors having a bad effect on the sexual health of men has significantly increased for the past 30-40 years, and due to this, there are more situations when a man at the age of 25-35 goes to a doctor and has a diagnosis ‘erectile dysfunction’.

How to treat ed? Better erections

According to estimates of the experts from World Health Organization, the erectile dysfunction will have a global dimension till 2025 and affect more than 320 million men all over the world. This data has been provided on the basis of the rates in 1995, when more than 150 million men with the erectile dysfunction were calculated all over the world.

However, as the medical practice shows, the growth rates of the disease is higher-than-expected. But what is more astonishing is that the impotence is more spread in the industrially developed countries. Despite a high level of the life quality and a medical service, men often suffer from the impotence in such countries as USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Great Britain, and others.

What causes ED in men?

There are several essential factors that conduce to the impotence. The emotional and physical disorders are the main of them. That is why, men in the industrialized countries often have problems with having erection. A fast pace of life, permanent stress, bad ecology in megalopolises, physical and emotional fatigue affect the sexual health of a man.

what can cause ed

If all possible causes of the erectile dysfunction are classified, two big groups may be distinguished:

  • Organic causes: when the impotence is caused by the internal diseases of the body;
  • Psychogenic causes: when the impotence is caused by the emotional and mental disorders.

If the impotence was caused by the psychogenic factors in 60% of cases before, now the organic causes prevail in the etiology of the impotence in 52% of cases. It is due in no small part to the age.

  Men at the age of 20 to 40 Men at the age of 40 to 70
Psychogenic factors 65% 28%
Organic factors 35% 72%

According to this table. We can make a conclusion that young men under 40 often have psychogenic causes of the ED, whilst men over 40 often have problems with the health causing the impotence. Knowing the essential causes of the erectile dysfunction of men helps to quickly find out the signs and prevent the complications which may be caused by the light types of the ED. In particular, if a man is at a risk group, it is easier to start the preventive measures and avoid the impotence.

Men with the following problems are at a risk group:

  • Endocrine diseases (pancreatic diabetes);
  • Cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, heart failure, arterial hypertension);
  • Neurological diseases (Alzheimer's disease, organic CNS diseases, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease, benign or malignant tumors in the spinal cord and brain, stroke, epilepsy);
  • Psychological disorders (anxiety, depression, phobias, pathological fear, panic disorders).

All these causes may become a cause of the erectile dysfunction. But there are other factors you should know about.

A separate group is:

  • Medicated causes. The use of the medications which influence on the blood circulation and nervous system, such as intensive sedative products, psychostimulants, exogenous hormones, may cause side effects that worsen the sexual function.
  • Hormonal causes. A hormone imbalance may happen in the male body besides the endocrine diseases, so that the testosterone level may be reduced, and the level of estrogens and prolactin may be increased. As a result, a man’s sexual drive drops, and the impotence appears.
  • Lifestyle. Alcohol consumption, smoking, use of opiate drugs, obesity, sedentary life-style, frequent masturbation, and long-term continence may directly or indirectly influence on the health of the sexual function and cause the impotence.

How to treat impotence in men after 50 years? How to cure ED?

Starting from the age of 50, most men have a dissatisfaction with their own erection. At the same time, the statistical studies of the Turkish andrology society and experts in andrology from Chicago prove that just third of men at the age of 50 have a proved erectile dysfunction. Men at the age of 50-55 often do not like their own erection because they cannot keep it for long. It is related to the sexual health as well as a tolerance of the body.

A natural ageing of the male body causes a decrease of the tolerance, and it is manifested in the sexual life too. It is often related to the poor work of the cardiovascular system. This cause is the main in 69% of cases in men over 50. In half of the cases, a cause is a high blood pressure, as a result of which the blood vessels are damaged, and a man may have an attack of tachycardia during the sexual intercourse.

Despite these factors, the impotence treatment in men over 50 is a primary task because an emotional and physical health depends on it. It is proved that if a man has an active sexual life after 50, the body ageing happens slowly.

The treatment of the impotence in men over 50 is complicated by several factors:

  • One or several diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • A decrease of the general level of testosterone;
  • Pancreatic diabetes or excessive body weight;
  • Sedentary life style.

Before starting the treatment, it is important to detect the testosterone level. The lower the level of this sexual hormone is in the male body, the lower his libido will be. If a man does not want a sexual activity, the erection will not appear. That is why, one should know how the hormone system is ready to give a stimulation pulse for the improvement of the erectile function. Then the process of the impotence treatment starts from the heart and the blood vessels diagnostics.

It is necessary to find out how blood vessels are damaged in the penis due to the pancreatic diabetes, cholesterol, or high blood pressure. If the blood circulation is affected, it is necessary to have a complex treatment and restore a motion of the blood in the penis.

To do it, drugs prescribed by cardiologist as well as vasodilatory products such as PDE5 inhibitors should be used. They will help to faster restore the muscle tone in the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation.

A man with the ED should get rid of the excessive body weight. It is a serious factor which bothers the potency recovery. Men at the age of over 50 forget about sport and active life style. An obesity is not just an esthetic problem, but also a serious load on the body.

Some drawbacks of the obesity for your potency:

  • The obesity favors the increase of the estrogens and the decrease of the sexual drive;
  • The obesity increases a load on the heart and the blood flow is worse in the penis;
  • A tolerance drops due to the obesity, and you will not be able to have a complete sexual intercourse.

Do not take a lot of pills at old age because it is the additional load on your body (liver and kidneys). Therefore, it is important to keep a good physical shape and health of the heart at the age of over 50. These are 2 important factors that will help you to keep your sexual health. A physical activity conduces to the production of testosterone and reduces the excessive body weight, improves the elasticity of the blood vessels and the blood circulation in the penis.

Do not think that it is impossible to treat the impotence at the age of 50. Any sexual dysfunction is related to the pathological changes in the body. We have indicated 4 main factors when men at the age of over 50 have the impotence. If these causes are removed, a hard erection will be returned.

How do I know if I have impotence or temporary sexual dysfunction?

Every man faces temporary sexual dysfunctions from time to time: premature ejaculation or impotence. It may happen due to many reasons, for example, excessive consumption of alcohol, or severe fatigue, stress, and others.

According to the opinion of the professional andrologists, 20 cases of the ED out of 100 are not a concern. The erection is a complicated physiological and biochemical mechanism, and any factors may bother it.

The symptoms of the temporary erectile dysfunction are usually light and include:

  • Fast erection during the sexual intercourse;
  • Uncontrolled erection;
  • Episodic loss of the erection due to the high sexual drive.

In other words, during the temporary disorder, a man has erection because his physiological function works. The blood flows to the cavernous bodies, but penis may be relaxed all of a sudden because of the fatigue, stress or other factors, but in some period erection may appear again. These symptoms should appear due to the objective causes, and every man who has a sexual experience will quickly know why he has a weak erection.

At the same time, a disability to have erection is usually a sign of the serious disorder in 40-50 cases out of 100. If every 2-3 sexual intercourse is impossible because of the poor erection, go to a doctor.

The impotence may be recognized by the following signs:

  • You are not able to quickly have erection during the sexual arousal;
  • A control of the erection takes much efforts;
  • Erection is absent in the morning;
  • Frequent cases of the premature ejaculation (a concomitant disorder often appears in men with the impotence).

At the same time, the symptoms may be kept within several days, and then erection may appear all of a sudden but it is difficult to control it.

But men often do not pay attention to the impotence symptoms, especially if the temporary sexual disorders appeared. Due to this reason, a self-diagnostics may be complicated. Therefore, in order to detect an exact diagnosis, a complete medical examination is required.

Do not neglect your decision, and go to a qualified doctor as soon as you see a weak erection which bothers your sexual intercourse and you cannot control it.

How does a man behave with impotence: how to recognize? ED disease symptoms

It may seem at first sight, that it is difficult to recognize a man with the erectile dysfunction. It is not true. The brain of a man plays a key role in increasing a guilt and own failure to have sex. Therefore, men with weak erection are often nervous, anxious and embarrassed. They do not like to talk about sexy subjects and try to avoid conversations about the current situation with a partner.

A behavior of a man may be too positive in order to win the additional “score” before his partner. This way, if a woman thinks of the positive qualities of a man, the sexual disorder does not cause a disappointment. These signs may be noticed at the beginning of the relations, when the couple have not had sex yet.

Moreover, men with the erectile dysfunction avoid situations where spontaneous sexual intercourses may happen. For example, men try to go to bed later than their partners, stay at work for long, and refer to the fatigue. Men with the ED may not go to the parties, and if they do go there, they are avoidant.

Another sign of the impotence may be a short sexual intercourse. Even if a man had the erection but he was not sure of its duration, he tries to end the sexual intercourse as soon as possible. This way, he wants to avoid an awkward situation and keep his problem in secret.

Due to the deficit of the sexual relations, men may be irritable, they lose concentration, do not do the work well. These symptoms may cause depression or anxiety, low confidence, and a therapeutic aid may be needed.

Many men do not want to talk about their own debility, and therefore it is rather difficult to find out about the real reasons of such behavior. In spite of this, a partner should talk to his man about the sexual life and support him.

In any case, even if you noticed one or several symptoms of the above mentioned symptoms, do not confess that you know everything about the flaws of your man. It is necessary to support his life style and let him see that he can be frank with you. In this case, a man may open his secret and tell about the impotence.