Prevention of impotence in men: how to reduce risks?

An impotence prevention is the only right way to keep a sexual longevity. The disease is very tricky. A man can lose erection at any time, and it affects his physiological and mental health.

Healthy eating as impotence prevention. Natural help for ED

The impotence treatment needs much time, and money. The disease is not separate; it is a symptom of severe pathologies in the male body. The diseases of the cardiovascular system and the blood circulation disorder often cause the problems with erection.

Natural help for ED

If the blood vessels are damaged, it is difficult to restore them, and therefore to keep the normal blood circulation in the penis, some rules should be followed. Healthy eating is the essential component of the sexual longevity.

We do not want to entertain you of hopes and tell that there are products that will make your erection hard instantly. It is not true. We just say that a healthy balanced food may slow down ageing of the body and improve the health of heart, blood vessels, and nervous system.

The experts from the department of urology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have made a conclusion that product you eat to improve the cardiovascular system work well to maintain a hard erection. The health of the heart and genital function are connected, and every man should use products that clean the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation.

All products recommended for the prevention of the erectile dysfunction may be divided into 2 categories:

  • Products containing vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants improve the work of the heart, nervous system, and liver;
  • Products having the effect of aphrodisiac cause a release of the male sexual hormones and increase libido.

The first category of the products includes:

  • Leafy green vegetables contain a great concentration of nitrates that provide a vasodilator action. As a rule, popular Viagra also increases a production of nitrates in the blood vessels. Your penis will be supplied with enough amount of the blood.
  • Beet-root, tomatoes, grapefruit, and pomegranate also contain a lot of nitrates, and lycopene that prevents infertility and the prostatic gland. Red vegetable and fruit improve the quality of the blood and help to adjust the heart work.
  • Dark chocolate with a low content of the sugar contains antioxidants that restore the cells, dilate the blood vessels, and lower the cholesterol level.
  • Pistachio, hazel-nut, walnuts are rich in protein and arginine which stimulates the release of the nitrogen oxide and is famous for its vasodilatory properties.
  • Watermelon contains a lot of phytonutrients that relax the blood vessels. Even though the watermelon consists of mostly water, you will feel changes by taking this berry on a regular basis.

The second category of products aphrodisiacs includes:

  • Seafood: clams, crabmeat, mussels, and shrimps.
  • Eggs, honey, onion.

These products contain ingredients which stimulate a production of the male sexual hormones.

how to cure ed naturally

Do not make your menu only of these products. You should consume proteins, fats and carbohydrates. But the ratio of these products should be rational. You do not have to take a lot of carbs at nights or just fatty food.

These ingredients increase a risk of an obesity. It is clinically proved that more female sexual hormones estrogens are produced during the excessive body mass of a man. A production of testosterone significantly drops during the increase of the estrogens, and due to this, libido drops, and so does erection.

The daily ration should be balanced and contain a lot of fibers for better uptake of the nutrients. The Mediterranean diet may be considered as an example.

How to cure ED naturally? Physical activity as prevention of impotence

As it happens, a health of the cardiovascular system depends on a physical activity. Life is a motion – this phrase perfectly describes a man’s lifestyle.

An important cause of the low potency is a blood congestion in the area of the small pelvis, the male reproductive organs. If the blood circulation and lymphokinesis becomes worse in the prostate and penis, it means that the level of the sexual hormones is reduced because the tissues of these organs do not get enough nutrition.

Most effective ed treatment

Moreover, the walls of the blood vessels become less elastic and they are less dilated during the sexual arousal, and it affects the blood pressure in the penis.

How to cure ED naturally? The physical activity helps to cope with this illness and restore the blood circulation in the small pelvis. A run, bicycling, swimming, and extended walking are very useful. Choose trainings where you will be able to support a high heart beat within 40-60 minutes. The indicators of the pulse should be 60-80% of your maximum.

The maximal rate of the heart beats may be calculated by the formula: 220 minus age. If a man is 38, he should keep 110-145 beats per minutes for the training.

Testosterone is better produced during moderate weight trainings. These trainings are a stress for the body, so that the production of testosterone grows. But it is just one positive side of the trainings.

The cardiac muscle is trained during the physical activity. Many men who do not do sport often complain of the blood hypertension, tachycardia, and shortness of breath.

The minimal physical activity makes men get exhausted even during the sexual intercourse, and so the quality of the sexual life suffers. It happens because the heart has no time to transfer the oxygen to the tissues of the body and pump enough volume of the blood. Therefore, the cardiovascular exercises are important to increase a tolerance of a man, make his heart harder and reduce a risk of the erectile dysfunction.

natural ways to cure ed

The physical activity and a balanced diet allows reducing a risk of the development of atherosclerosis and pancreatic diabetes that often become a cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Stress is another cause of the erectile dysfunction of the psychogenic origin. To restore and improve the sexual function, it is necessary to think of the physiological changes and an emotional release. A physical activity and sport will switch your thoughts to the positive emotions, and you will get rid of the stress.

Nowadays many results of the clinical studies that have proved a positive influence of the physical activity to the sexual function. Men at the middle age should spend just 40 minutes per day of the aerobic trainings, 3 times per week. This regimen will be enough to keep a hard erection within entire life.

Men with weak erection may increase the intensity of the trainings. For example, aerobic trainings within 160 minutes per week within 6 months lead to the significant improvement of the cardiovascular system, so that erection is improved. These recommendations will do for men with the obesity, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, and a low activity.

natural ways to fix ed

If 1-2 trainings with moderate strength trainings are added to the aerobic ones, the recovery effect will be accelerated during the weak erection. Pay attention, that a physical activity is just one of the tools for the prevention of the erectile dysfunction, and it should be added to the combination of the preventive measures to improve the sexual health.

Sport does not influence on erection directly. It just improves the metabolic processes in your body, so that the erection gets better. Therefore, a lot of the physical activities will not give a better result. Too much of a good thing is good for nothing.

Male dysfunction. At what age is impotence a norm?

Many men ask this question but it is inappropriate and not correct. The matter is that the male dysfunction is not normal. The natural ageing of the male body suggests the physiological changes and restrictions, but it is not related to the potency.

At the senior age, the male fertility drops, and the testosterone level goes down. These are irreversible process and all people have it. But erection may be kept at up to 70-80.

Male dysfunction appears as a result of the physiological or psychological pathologies. If a man is healthy and takes care of his health, he will not have the erectile dysfunction. In ancient times, a sexual intercourse was needed just to create future generation. Now it has been proved that the sexual activity is important and useful for every person. The happy hormones are produced during sex, stress is reduced, a risk of myocardial infarction drops, and others.

So, there is no certain age when the impotence is a norm.

It happens that a man has a decreased libido because of the decreased testosterone, and the interest in having sex falls. But it is also not normal. If a man does not have a desire, it does not mean that the body does not need the sexual activity. The experienced doctors andrologists and sexologists state that a man should aim for prolonging a sexual life because it has a positive effect on the mental health and a confidence.

Therefore, the impotence prevention is an important issue in a life of every man, and so don’t think that this disease will pass over you. Two out of three men do not even notice the first symptoms of the impotence, and when they do see a weak erection, the treatment needs a long-term and combined approach.