What to do with impotence? Simple trick to cure ED

Who is impotent? Male Dysfunction

An impotent is considered a man who has lost an ability to have erection. This term comes from a word ‘impotence’ which describes an erection disorder. Nowadays a term impotence is replaced by a male erectile dysfunction.

Male erectile dysfunction

These definitions have a similar meaning, there are important differences between impotence and erectile dysfunction in the clinical practice.

  • Impotence is a complete disability to have erection.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a temporal or spontaneous loss of the erection that may be restored with the help of medications, devices or restoring the physical strength.

In more than 90% of cases, men with a weak erection are diagnosed an erectile dysfunction. The modern medicine has managed to cope with this disease, and a pharmaceutical therapy is successfully used.

In less than 10% of cases, a man is diagnosed an impotence, and the only way to restore erection is a penis prosthesis.

That is why, experts state that ‘impotence’ term is outdated and is not used in the clinical practice. Moreover, it often has a negative emotional pattern, and it is used in order to emphasize the man’s flaws.

In current conditions, the impotence is possible only in case of urgency: severe trauma of the spinal cord, brain, organic diseases of the central nervous system or damages of the penis tissues. In the rest cases, the in-time diagnostics of the disease guarantees a treatment of the erectile dysfunction symptoms or control of them.

What should a person do with erectile dysfunction? Can ED be cured?

The erectile dysfunction does not appear all of a sudden. Yes, it becomes a surprise for many men but if one pays attention to the symptoms of the disease, it will be clear that the diagnosis develops gradually.

But if it happened that a man is not able to have erection, it is necessary to take the first steps on the way toward the treatment.

best way to treat ed

  • First, a doctor’s consultation and a medical examination of the body is obligatory.

The erectile dysfunction is related to the pathological changes in the male body: diseases of heart and blood vessels, nervous system, mental disorder, and others. A complex diagnostics will help to detect a real cause for the further treatment.

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  • Secondly, change a lifestyle.

It is some standard recommendations of all doctors but in this case it works. A balanced diet and physical activity will improve the work of the cardiovascular system and improve the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis. Sports increase libido of a man, improve the production of the sexual hormones, and healthy eating allows to achieve internal balance.

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  • Thirdly, do not become obsessed with your potency.

Having found out about the erectile dysfunction, many men sink into a depression, they have anxiety or other psychoemotional disorders. It all happens because a man becomes obsessed with the problem and constantly thinks of his potency.

As a result, psychological factors that increase the symptoms are added to the organic factors of the ED. It often happens that a man needs a psychotherapy after the complete recovery of the blood circulation in the penis in order to return a confidence. Therefore, the less you will become obsessed with your male issue, the better it will be.

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  • Fourthly, continue your sexual life. If a man has an active sexual life, it is easier to treat the erectile dysfunction.

It is necessary to stimulate the erectile mechanism and libido. Even if erection is weak or it takes much time, look for various ways to vary the sexual activity. If a man with the ED refuses from the sexual life, it will have a negative effect on the treatment.

All the men with erectile dysfunction should do is to live a common life. But remember that the symptoms of the ED will just grow without a qualified treatment.

Is it possible to cure impotence in men? Is there a cure for ED?

Today the modern medicine has knowledge and remedies to cure erectile dysfunction. In more than 90% of cases, the disease is treatable but only if a man turned to a qualified doctor. As noted above, ED is a symptom of severer pathogenic processes in the body, and therefore the treatment of the impotence should be started from the recovery of the general physiological health.

The treatment should be proper!!! The use of the pills (even very popular ones) does not always give the required effect, and the effect is sometimes is absent at all. All pharmaceutical peroral products for the ED treatment do not cope with the hormonal type of the disease. Due to this, the use of the pills is pointless here.

To cure ED, it is necessary to find out a cause. Unfortunately, only 10% of men go to a doctor. The rest try to treat the impotence without any help, and when the erection disappears at all, they go to physicians. If diagnosis is made at early stage of the disease, a cause may be quickly neutralized, and the sexual function may be improved with the help of the modern ways of the ED treatment.

ED Treatment Options

  • Pharmaceutical: peroral PDE5 inhibitors, and injectable nitrogen oxide donators are used. The purpose is to improve the blood circulation in the penis by means of the dilation of the blood vessels.
  • Mechanical: a vacuum pump is used due to which a negative pressure is created in the blood vessels of the penis, and so the blood circulation is improved.
  • Surgical: penis prosthesis is a process of the implant installation in the cavernous bodies of the penis to create a mechanical erection which may be controlled. This method is used only during severe impotence when other methods are ineffective.

If a man wants to have a good sexual life, there are many ways to return the erection. The matter is time and finances. But it is better to prevent this disease. A regular (once per year) visit of a doctor and taking blood tests will prevent the development of the erectile dysfunction.

The impotence is not normal, and therefore do not bring it to the long-term and expensive treatment. The pills for the erection may be used as a prophylaxis. It is useful and effective.

What to do about ED? What kind of doctor should I consult for erectile dysfunction?

If you decided to go to a doctor for the diagnostics and treatment of the erectile dysfunction, visit a urologist at first. An urologist will perform diagnosis of the genitourinary tract and detect possible causes of the erectile dysfunction according to the general semiology.

The urologist will tell for you what to do about ED. He will prescribe the required tests to check the glucose level in the blood, cholesterol level, and sexually-transmitted infections. According to the obtained results of the tests, a course of the treatment will be built.

If needed, the urologist may give an appointment card to cardiologist and neuropathologist. It happens if it is necessary to check the cardiovascular system or nervous system. It is also necessary to consult an andrologist during the erectile dysfunction. This expert will treat the pathological processes and diseases of the male reproductive system and other diseases such as oligospermia, premature ejaculation, and others.

Moreover, the andrologist will prescribe the needed tests due to which the level of the sexual hormones including testosterone may be found out. If psychosomatics is the basis of the erectile dysfunction, it is reasonable to see a psychologist/psychotherapist, or sexologist.

Just one session with a qualified doctor will help to detect a cause of the psychogenic ED and the further plan of the treatment. The therapeutic experience shows that men with the severest types of the psychogenic ED need 10 sessions with a qualified sexologist/psychologist in order to return a hard erection.